Refer a friend, earn (bigger and better) rewards!
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Refer a friend, earn (bigger and better) rewards!

Rudan Zhang
VP of Marketing
July 24, 2019

Update (November 2021):

We’ve updated the Shortcut referral program to make it easier than ever to get fun stuff. Spread the word about us and earn nice rewards: like limited edition sticker packs, holiday sweaters, LEGO Deathstars, and the warm feeling that comes from getting someone else to use a thing that you like.

How does it work? Click this link and generate your referral code:

Referral Link

When someone signs-up and finishes the onboarding process, you officially earn one referral. When a second person does the same, you earn two referrals. When a third person… you probably get the idea.

  • One successful referral earns you a limited edition sticker pack.
  • Three earn you a pair of the season’s coolest socks.
  • Five earn you a Shortcut holiday sweater.

And every single successful referral gains you an additional entry into our LEGO Death Star drawing, happening on December 16th, 2021. We’ll even ship it to you in time for Christmas Day.

Plus, any referee who pays two consecutive invoices will earn your organization a $500 account credit.

There’s no better shortcut to help us continue to get our new name out there than having people like you tell other people about Shortcut. We appreciate your referral of anyone you think would find our software useful. Friend and foe alike.

If you have questions, take a look at our FAQ.

Get Your Referral Link

Previous Update (February 2020):

With our recent Series B funding, Shortcut has entered an exciting new phase of growth. And since we wouldn’t be here without you, we’re increasing the value of our referral program rewards. Our customers are our best ambassadors, and our referral program should reflect that.

Help us grow our community by introducing Shortcut to your network. Here’s how we’ll make it worth your while:

  • 1 referral: Apple AirPods or $250 Amazon gift card
  • 2 referrals: iPad Pro + accessories
  • 5 referrals: MacBook Pro
  • EVERY referral: $500 Shortcut credit for your organization, or a $500 team dinner on us!

If you’re new to the program, please scroll down to the “How to refer a friend and earn rewards” section to get the details. Looking forward to sending you the first of what we hope will be many rewards!


Update (September 2019):

With the Free Plan rollout, we are making the following adjustments to our referral program:

  • When your friend signs up using your referral code, they will be able to redeem two free months of any paid plan, with unlimited users and access to premium features such as Observers.
  • A successful referral is defined as a new Shortcut organization that has paid two months’ positive invoices after the initial two free months. (We used to require three months’ paid invoices for a referral to qualify. Going forward, you’ll get your rewards faster!)


Know someone who would enjoy using Shortcut? Help us spread the word!

In 2018, we launched our Triple-Sided Referral Program. Since then, we’ve worked hard to improve Shortcut with lots of new features such as iterations, new integrations, story templates, and more. Now, more than ever, we want the world to know about Shortcut and give it a try. It’s no secret that you, our users, are our most powerful advocates. As a “thank you,” we have dramatically increased the rewards for each referral you send our way. So, if you like Shortcut, please take a minute and tell a friend about it today!

The new rewards

  1. When your friend signs up, they’ll get two free months (on top of the usual 14-day free trial).
  2. If your friend becomes a paying account after the free period, you (i.e., the referrer) will receive:
  • $100 Amazon gift card (or international equivalent) for 1 successful referral*
  • AirPods for 2 successful referrals
  • An iPad Pro (plus accessories) for 5 successful referrals
  • BONUS: your organization will earn a $250 Shortcut account credit (non-expiring) for each successful referral

*A successful referral is defined as a new Shortcut organization that has paid 3 months’ invoices (after the initial two free months).

How to refer a friend and earn rewards

It’s quick and easy to get started:

  1. In your Shortcut top navigation bar, click “Earn Rewards” (“Earn Credit” if you are the account admin). You'll also find a link in the "Settings" dropdown menu.

2. Copy and share the unique referral link from the popup (or use the social media sharing buttons there).

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