Roadmaps get even better with Presentation Mode, Milestones, additional filters, and unique + shareable URLs

Roadmaps get even better with Presentation Mode, Milestones, additional filters, and unique + shareable URLs

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
April 6, 2021

Our continually updated Roadmap makes it even easier to plan, visualize, and communicate work across your org. Keep your team ahead of blockers, and collaborate on the best course of execution while managing expectations with an easily digestible big picture look at everything going on.

Updates to Roadmap are being shipped on a rapid and ongoing basis.

Here are the new features we shipped for Roadmap in April:  

  • Remove Dates: Get a streamlined Roadmap view without the distraction of dates
  • Presentation Mode: Share a clean view of progress and status with just one click.
  • Export the Roadmap: Download a snapshot of your Roadmap to easily pop it into a presentation or doc.

And here's everything that was new with the Roadmap in March:

  • See Milestones alongside Epics, and connect your short-term efforts to long-term business goals
  • Access more filters to customize views by Quarter, Milestones, Epic States, Labels, and more
  • Share unique URLs so others can see your customized views of the Roadmap

Share a cleaner, clearer timeline of your progress

Remove menus and other cluttered distractions from view

The Roadmap is all about accessing (and sharing) an overview of plans and progress for all of your larger initiatives. Now you can much more clearly see the status of those initiatives by turning off the individual dates and expanding the roadmap to fullscreen so that you don't get distracted staring at your own avatar during a meeting.

Use the Roadmap to to manage projects more effectively

Go beyond the Gantt chart to visualize your roadmap in different ways.

Anyone can filter to a view and layout that displays the parts of the plan they care most about. Sort by Milestones, Categories, Epics, Epic Owners, Projects, and even more than that.

Communicate timelines and strategy

The Roadmap is more than just a calendar view, it's also a direct way to show off the the what and the why of your product strategy. Epics provide helpful context about what you’re doing. Milestones let you share the why: here are our priority initiatives that the Epics are building up to. This single source of truth keeps everyone on the same page and helps you get buy in by making it easier to communicate up and out.

Plan and collaborate more effectively

The Roadmap is automatically organized by priority, ensuring your team can quickly check that you're focused on the right tasks. Having Milestones alongside Epics allows you to uncover bottlenecks at a glance and see if initiatives are off schedule / may have blockers coming up.

Track, prioritize, and adjust work directly in the Roadmap

Easily adjust timelines in the Roadmap view without having to jump to multiple Epics and Milestones to update dates. Get a bird’s-eye view of all of your business plans, status updates, and product priorities.

Easily share your own roadmap

Filter a version of the Roadmap and share the URL so others can view it with the same filter parameters to ensure all of your stakeholders have access to your product roadmap. That way everything, and everyone, stays updated as you make changes and adjustments to the plan.

What's next for Roadmap

  • A Presentation mode that will make sharing even easier
  • Export options so you can add the Roadmap to external documents or print it out to use as beautiful decor for your living room

How to access and use the Roadmap

The Roadmap is available as part of Shortcut Labs. Shortcut Labs is accessible to organizations on a Team Plan or higher. If you're on the Free Plan and would like to use the Roadmap, you can upgrade to Team no matter how many users are in your organization.

To enable the Roadmap view for Epics, navigate to your Account Settings <> Workspace Features <> Shortcut Labs and toggle it on. The icon will appear in your left navigation.

Reminder: Only Milestones and Epics with Start and End Dates will show up in the Roadmap! Epics without dates exist outside of the concept of time, making them impossible to display on a timeline.

Roadmap is part of Shortcut Labs. Get an overview of Labs by watching the video below:

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