Searching Across Time

Searching Across Time

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June 7, 2018

When you are planning and collaborating, the what and the who are always important, but the when can also make a world of difference. To that end, we’ve recently rolled out date-based search operators to help you locate your Stories across time and drill down into your team’s projections and performance.

Below we outline two of the many ways that you and your team might take advantage of this new functionality in Shortcut.

What was updated today?

In this example, the project lead wants to know what Stories were updated today. While the Stories page has an Updated This Week filter it often doesn’t provide enough granularity. With the operator, you can easily search , , or specific dates or date ranges.

While this information is available in the Activity Feed, the search operators make it easy to drill down on just the Stories that have changed. From there, you can decide whether to dig a little deeper.

What was created last month?

Searching by date can also be helpful when pulling together reporting and planning for the future. In this example, the Infrastructure lead is pulling together some information to create a report back to senior leadership on the team’s Q1–2018 contributions. She combines the time-based operator with the search operator to explore what was completed during that time period.

Still searching…

In addition to filtering Stories by completion, the new operators also enable you to search by Due Date, find out which Story/Stories were Started on a certain date or within a certain date range, and also which Stories made progress or were moved back.

For more on all the current search operators, check out the article in our Help Center. We continue to iterate on search and filtering in Shortcut and welcome your feedback below in the comments.

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