Switch from Jira

Your project management software shouldn't make you sigh. Shortcut combines speed and flexibility to let your team plan, build, and launch better software.  
Research shows that users who switch to Shortcut from Jira experience:
Faster load times
Shortcut is a fast and lightweight tool that is meant
Easier onboarding
Gain complete visibility into your development efforts
Less feature bloat
Don’t get bogged down trying to update pages of configuration
Better COllaboration
Better collaboration
Shortcut is a fast and lightweight tool that is meant
Shortcut has the features you need
Trusted by thousands of modern software teams
report direct time savings as a result of using Shortcut because of:
⏱ More efficient collaboration
🚀 More efficient processes
📂 Less administration
Importing your JIRA data is as easy as 1-2-3
Authorize with Jira
Map your data
Sync your users
And thats it...
And then?
Start managing projects in Shortcut like you've been using us this whole time. Learn more

Need help with the import?
Reach out to sales@shortcut.com with any questions.
Project management you'll like at prices you'll also like
In addition to our Free Plan (we're free for up to 10 users), our plans are:
Billed annually
Billed monthly
Enable multiple software teams to organize and build in a collaborative way.
per user, per month
Enable software teams to plan, build, and ship while working across departments
per user, per month
All plans provide access to Shortcut's core features. Have a big team?
Get in touch for a customized quote.
Connect to your entire workflow
From GitHub to Slack, we offer integrations with tools you love, tools you like, and tools you may even feel kinda meh about. Plus, you can write your own integrations with our API.