Product with Shortcut

Shortcut for product teams

Unite product and engineering in one tool. In Shortcut, docs, plans, and work stay in sync, making it easy for teams to provide real-time status and context so they can focus on delivering results.
Track projects
Keep everyone on the same page, track dependencies, and notify relevant stakeholders so you can coordinate seamless launches.
Gather customer feedback
Centralize customer feedback and feature requests to quickly spot trends and keep your team informed.
Keep all work in one place
Filter and zoom into the work keeping your team focused. Everyone can see the status and next steps without the need for yet another meeting.
Manage your backlog
Keep an eye on work that you haven’t yet prioritized. As things change, easily move work around using our snappy bulk editing feature.

Trusted by thousands of modern software teams
With more folks working remotely it means that tools like Shortcut are even more important because we can work asynchronously and stay organized.
Megan Berry
Chief Product Officer
Octane AI
Plan your roadmap
Curated View: Create custom roadmaps for your teams so that everyone is on the same page.

Health Statuses: Add health statuses to each project to keep your organization up-to-date on the lastest changes.

Timeline View: Use the timeline view to get a chronological view of all your projects.
Organize and prioritize your backlog
The Shortcut Backlog provides a view of work that can be prioritized for the development team based on their roadmap and goals.
Work smartest, not hardest
Docs: Seamlessly connect your docs to your work

Stories: Break work into smaller pieces to help your team stay on task.

Kanban boards: Customize workflows so that all work can be seen in the right context.

Spaces: View progress and priorities across workflows to ensure everyone is focused on priorities.