With just one click you can view your work, your team's work, or anyone's work in a Kanban or table view
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With Shortcut, we are able to track issues and collaborate successfully across departments. Managers and execs can trust the latest info is in Shortcut without any interruption.
Christine Spang
CTO / Co-Founder
Update, assign, and comment on work
Stories are the building blocks of all your work. Assign tasks, update progress, and comment on ongoing questions. 
Customize your workflows
Easily editable swim lanes let you match your Shortcut Workflow to your team's own way of working. 
Filter by any dimension
Use simple filters to view boards and Stories connected to any Team, project, person, tag, due date, or virtually anything.
Track and update progress on your work
Stories appear in a Kanban-style view sorted by progress state, and can be dragged to reprioritize.