Engineering with Shortcut

Shortcut for engineering teams

All of your development work easily flows through Shortcut, from coding to review to release, and then to the bugs and the fixes that inevitably follow.
Automate workflows
Attach commits, branches, and merge requests to Stories, and use events to automate your workflow and commit better code, faster.
Squash bugs
Monitor issues as they come in, find resolutions to past bugs and get the right people on it without ever leaving Shortcut.

Sprint planning
Always know exactly what iteration, launch dates, and backlog your team is working on.

Track your progress
From Velocity and Burndown Charts to Cumulative Flow Diagrams, a rich set of views will help you visualize and track progress from every angle.

Trusted by thousands of modern software teams
I have never met a team that loves their task tracker, period. I hear a lot of unsolicited positive comments about the joy of using Shortcut and very, very few complaints.
Matt Spitz
Head of Engineering
Built by engineers for engineers
Fast and Snappy: Over 10x faster than other tools. Take that, other tools.

Git Helpers & Event Handlers: Link Stories to commits, branches, and pull requests. Automate processes when you open or merge a branch.

Markdown Support: Add and format comments in a fast, lightweight way.

REST API and Webhooks: Build Shortcut the way you want. It's your Shortcut, after all.
Ship good software, faster
Code: Attach commits, branches, and merge requests to Stories with GitLab, GitHub and more.

Communication: Use our Slack integration to create new Stories, broadcast Shortcut comments and updates in designated Slack Channels.

Bug: Link to issue trackers like Sentry to report, track and squash bugs