Design with Shortcut

Keep Design in the loop with all ongoing work

Shortcut is the easiest way for design teams to collaborate with engineers and product managers to ensure design isn't treated like a third wheel.
Plan & manage projects
Create projects to manage, track, and give status updates on everything from design requests to status updates.
Get context easily
Let Docs connect with your epics to give more context to help problem solving.
Collaborate in realtime
Ask for clarification or give feedback directly on the task you’re referencing. Always communicate with context.
Have Fewer meetings
As well as video calls and emails. Just jump into Shortcut to gather feedback and discuss progress.
Trusted by thousands of modern software teams
We rely on Shortcut as the source of truth for continuous conversations between our product designers and their development teams. As we scale, we've learned that tracking everything in Shortcut and making full use of their Figma and docs integration are essential to successful product deliveries.
Sterling Koch
Head of Product Design
Streamline design processes
Plan and research in Docs. Customize Workflows to fit your design process. Collaborate with Engineering and Product and get feedback easily.Track progress on design work.
Stay in your flow with Figma <> Shortcut integration
When a Figma link is pasted into any markdown text field in Shortcut, a live preview of the Figma file appears. Any changes in Figma willl automatically show up in Shortcut.