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I have never met a team that loves their task tracker, period. I hear a lot of unsolicited positive comments about the joy of using Shortcut and very, very few complaints.
Matt Spitz
Head of Engineering
Stay on Target
See how much work is left on a given project compared to the amount of time planned for that project
Plan around your team's velocity
See exactly what work has been completed in set time frames, helping you plan what can get done in the future.

Insights and realtime metrics

Velocity Chart

The Velocity Chart measures work completed for each interval. 

Burndown Charts

A visual representation of work completed / remaining over time. 

Cycle Time / Lead Time Chart

Connect to your work, making it easy to plan, build, and ship new features all in one place.

Time Spent in Workflow State

The time completed stories spent in each workflow state.

Created vs Completed

Work created and completed per interval over time. 

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Work completed over time, grouped by workflow state.