Outgrown Trello?

Switch to Shortcut! We provide more structure, options, and visibility for your growing software team.
Shortcut is powerful, easy to use, and built for software development.
Structure and power
Create custom Workflows to keep your team's work on track with minimal admin and upkeep.
Improve visibility
Slice, dice, and visualize individual work and larger initiatives to more effectively report on progress and data.
Keep work in one place
Comprehensive views let everyone see status and next steps without hopping from board to board to board.
Better Collaboration
See work across every team by linking Stories, Epics, and Objectives. Plan new initiatives without missing a thing.
We're easy. We're powerful.
We're other good adjectives too. Shortcut is the simple Trello alternative that is intuitive enough for anyone to use, but flexible enough to support a scaling organization.
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"With Shortcut, we are able to track issues and collaborate successfully across departments. Managers and execs can trust the latest information is in Shortcut without interrupting the team."
Christine Spang, CTO / Co-founder
We're more than just “drag and drop”
Markdown support, keyboard shortcuts, deep integration with GitHub, and a well-crafted API help Shortcut evolve and improve your software development workflow.
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"A huge plus in Shortcut’s favor is their pace of development. Roadmaps, extra reporting, and numerous other improvements have all launched in the past few months. Their support team is also excellent."
Tom Randle, CEO
Trusted by thousands of modern software teams
Importing your Trello data is as easy as 1-2-3
Connect to your Trello Board
Map your data
Sync your users
And thats it...
And then? Bulk editing makes it easy to organize your Trello cards into Shortcut Workflows. Learn more

Need help with the import? Reach out to sales@shortcut.com with any questions.
Pricing side-by-side
In addition to our Free Plan (we're free for up to ten users), we have:
Billed annually
Billed monthly
Team Plan
per user, per month
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Premium account
per user, per month
*Have fewer than 10 users? Take advantage of our Free Plan.
All our plans provide access to Shortcut's core features.
Shortcut provides the ability to work on a task list at the smallest level where I can check things off, all the way up to tracking my entire company's engineering velocity at the milestone level.
John Kodumal
CTO, Co-founder
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Connect to your entire workflow

From GitHub to Slack to Sentry, you can integrate Shortcut with tools you love, tools you like, and tools you may even feel kinda meh about. Plus, you can write your own integrations with our API.