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Engineers hate being pulled into other software when they don’t need to be. They don’t want to be pulled into customer issues in Slack. They don’t want to be brought into our help desk software. They just want to focus on what’s in Shortcut.
Justin Maxwell
Co-Founder / Chief Experience Office
Collaborate on plans
Real time editing and collaboration that automatically updates everywhere. One source of truth with multiple views.
Turn Ideas Into Work
Create Stories directly from a Doc, or link a new Doc to existing work. Stay in sync, automagically.  
Unlimited ideas. Unlimited collaboration.
Create retros, strategy Docs, agendas, action items, and other collections of words all in one place. Start from scratch or use one of our templates.
Make all of your team's good ideas a reality
Get real-time status and context whenever you need it - without having to hunt and reference multiple sources.