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Shortcut is the best tool for issue tracking, project management, and just getting things done. Includes fewer headaches and more high-fives (virtual and in-person).
Why Switch to Shortcut?
You want to do your best work, right? Well we also want you to do your best work. That’s why we’ve focused on the important bits.
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Fast, powerful
Shortcut is always helpful, never in the way.
Zoom-in, Zoom-out
Gain complete visibility into your software development efforts.
Robust features, no fluff
Shortcut has everything you need for serious software development
Better collaboration
Each team can customize Shortcut to work the way they need.
Trusted by thousands of modern software teams
We're easy. We're powerful.
We're other good adjectives too. Shortcut is the simple Jira alternative that is intuitive enough for anyone to use, but flexible enough to support a scaling organization.
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"With Shortcut, we are able to track issues and collaborate successfully across departments. Managers and execs can trust the latest information is in Shortcut without interrupting the team."
Christine Spang, CTO / Co-founder
We're more than just “drag and drop”
Markdown support, keyboard shortcuts, deep integration with GitHub, and a well-crafted API help Shortcut evolve and improve your software development workflow.
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"A huge plus in Shortcut’s favor is their pace of development. Roadmaps, extra reporting, and numerous other improvements have all launched in the past few months. Their support team is also excellent."
Tom Randle, VP of Operations
Our Users love us
People who use Shortcut really love everything about it. Jira feels like a distant memory
"Excellent & Adapatable Product"
Jan 27, 2022
Brandon J
Product Manager
"Project management to rule them all!"
July 08, 2022
Nick S.
Lead Software Engineer
"A winning tool for agile teams"
Nov 17, 2022
Alexus G.
VP of Design


Connect to your entire workflow

From GitHub to Slack to Sentry, you can integrate Shortcut with tools you love, tools you like, and tools you may even feel kinda meh about. Plus, you can write your own integrations with our API.