12 Days of Partners, Integrations, and Other Good Stuff

12 Days of Partners, Integrations, and Other Good Stuff

Erika Carter
Senior Creative Technical Writer
January 5, 2022

It’s that time of year again. Snow has begun falling from the skies in places that are lucky enough to have moisture in the air, we’re all already tired of hearing Michael Buble songs playing on a loop, and some of us are getting in the spirit by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters everywhere we go.  

To celebrate, Shortcut is highlighting twelve of our favorite integrations and partnerships. We hope you return every day to read these posts alongside your tinglers and fuzzles, your dafflers and wuzzles, and your delicious pot (or Beyond meat) roast.

Edit: Yes, we know that Christmas is over now, but the Michael Buble songs are still playing on loop and the ugly Christmas sweaters are still being worn, and honestly, why would we ever stop celebrating? We’re a company that likes joy, after all.

Technically, the actual twelve days of Christmas - the theme of this blog series  -  starts with Christmas Day and ends on January 5th, so we’re getting in just under the wire… let’s change the subject.

Our twelfth featured post is dedicated to all of our partnerships and integrations. Because no man is an island.

On the Twelfth and Final Day of Partnerships, Integrations, and Other Good Things, Shortcut brings to you: thanks and appreciation for all our partners and integrations, because great software works best when paired with other great software. After all, no man is an island. Of course we can’t be certain, but still, we feel fairly confident that when John Donne wrote this poem in the 17th century, he was foreshadowing the importance and joy of connecting Shortcut with your favorite apps and tools.

Hold on a second, before we continue, how are we at the twelfth post when there isn’t an eleventh one? Friends, we took a shortcut. Much easier to just write eleven than twelve. You know: work smarter, not harder and all that. But back to John Donne.

Siloes are the enemy; and thus, John Donne was practically predicting the importance of the ability to automate processes in order to focus on what’s important: building great software, which he also practically predicted. Because no app is an island.

Here are some more integrations to help you work smarter:

Bugsee: Create Shortcut Stories from Bugsee issues

Bugsnag: Capture site errors reported from Bugsnag in Shortcut Stories

Zendesk: Create two-way links between your Shortcut Stories and Zendesk support tickets

Box: Link files stored in Box directly in your Shortcut Stories

TestLodge: Automatically create a Shortcut Story when a test fails in TestLodge

LambdaTest: File browser testing issues to Shortcut, directly from the LanmbdaTest platform

Clockify: Track time on Stories right from Shortcut with just one click

Outgoing Webhook: Use your Shortcut activity to trigger any action outside of Shortcut

Instabug: Create Shortcut Stories from Instabug issues

Google calendar: Visualize the due dates of your Shortcut Stories in your Google Calendar

Dropbox: Link files stored in Dropbox directly in your Shortcut Stories

Zapier: Use data and events from 1000+ integrations to automate Shortcut Story creation

Status Hero: Add your Shortcut activity to your Status Hero check-ins

Figma: Turn any link to a public Figma file within any markdown text field in Shortcut into an embedded live preview for easier design collaboration

Google Drive: Link files stored in Google Drive directly in your Shortcut Stories

Honeybadger: Create Shortcut STories from Honeybadger issues

Marker.io: Make it easy for your whole team to report and fix bugs easily without leaving your preferred workflow

Codestream: Attach commits, branches, and merge requests to Stories and use Codestream workflow triggers to automate your workflow

Pecto: Build customized Shortcut dashboards that visualize your business metrics and KPIs in real time.

PomoDoneApp: Track your workflow using Pomodoro technique in Shortcut

As we celebrate the end of another year, we are grateful for these partnerships and integrations, and of course our customers for their continued support of Shortcut.

And what a year it’s been! In 2021, 6.6 million Stories were created; more than 57K Teams were created to help drive collaboration; 34,940 new members joined Shortcut; and 48,000 Milestones were created.

What else, you ask? Well, we changed our name to Shortcut this year. We also nearly doubled our active users to 130,000; our active organizations have risen to 59,000; and our Shortcut team has grown to 70 Shortcuteers working in 8 countries across the world.

What will 2022 bring? We’ll have to see, but one thing is even more certain than this interpretation of a 400-year old poem: we are grateful for our partners, integrations, and customers. We look forward to another year. So, happy, hopefully joyous New Year, and we hope to just play a small part in helping you accomplish all your goals in 2022.

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