12 Days of Partners, Integrations, and Other Good Stuff: Slack
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12 Days of Partners, Integrations, and Other Good Stuff: Slack

Erika Carter
Senior Creative Technical Writer
December 11, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Snow has begun falling from the skies in places that are lucky enough to have moisture in the air, we’re all already tired of hearing Michael Buble songs playing on a loop, and some of us are getting in the spirit by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters everywhere we go.  

To celebrate, Shortcut is highlighting twelve of our favorite integrations and partnerships. We hope you return every day to read these posts alongside your tinglers and fuzzles, your dafflers and wuzzles, and your delicious pot (or Beyond meat) roast.

Our third featured integration is one everyone at Shortcut uses pretty much every day. You likely use it, too: Slack.

On the Third Day of Partnerships, Integrations, and Other Good Things, Shortcut brings to you: Slack, the app that ensures that the three French hens, along with everyone else, have one place to congregate, message, and peck at anyone they want all day long. In French, English, or any other language.

Honestly, where would we be without Slack? In what now feels like many, many centuries ago, one person would walk right over to another person's desk and start talking. This was distracting. We didn’t like this, remember? Most of the time, nobody even recalled what was said. We had to rely on things like our very subjective and selective memories to keep track of conversations. There was no twitter-like narrative record - just a bunch of spoken words flying around a terrifyingly open-office floor plan.

By the time we thought, “Why go to the office at all?” we needed a way to communicate with each other from our homes, in our separate cities, in our separate countries, safely distanced from anyone’s line of sight, and a way to keep these communications forever as future proof that we did indeed communicate and complete work, in case anyone were to wonder or question us.

At the perfect time, Slack entered our lives, and we began talking with our fingers instead of our voices. Now, when we need to inform people of something that we consider important, but which they may or may not consider important, and also allow them to do the same thing to us, we Slack them.

Slack allows us to talk to anyone we work with, without bothering them directly. Can you imagine if someone could Zoom you out of the blue and force you to get on a video with them? That'd almost be as bad as having to answer a phone call. Pro tip: If even hearing those three little typing dots - one per French hen - when someone messages you startles you into a panic, you can just turn your sound off.

3 (for the hens) Ways Shortcut & Slack Work Together

The Shortcut integration with Slack empowers you to do three big things that help you communicate faster and more efficiently.

1. Create Stories from messages that you receive in Slack, saving you from having to fire up Shortcut and create a Story from scratch.

2. Get notified when any Shortcut Story that you own or follow is updated, as well as when someone @-messages you in a Shortcut conversation.

3. Broadcast Shortcut Story comments and Story additions from specific Teams to a designated Slack channel. This channel will then receive notifications when updates and changes are made to those Stories.

Connect Shortcut with Slack and you'll be more effective (and less distracted) than ever before. In Shortcut, simply click the Settings gear in the top right corner, navigate to Integrations, and select Slack. For more detailed instructions, head over to our Slack Integration page.

Or, if you’d rather have an authoritative-sounding person with a microphone show you how to integrate these born-to-be-together apps, check out this video.

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