5 Ways Jira Slows Everyone Down
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5 Ways Jira Slows Everyone Down

Erika Carter
Senior Creative Technical Writer
February 6, 2023

Question: Do you prefer completing work quickly or slowly? 

Another question: Do you like waiting in long lines at the airport, or at the post office, or at the grocery store? 

More questions: Should your project management tool cause you to lean back in your chair, cross your arms, sigh, roll your eyes, and wait? Should a task that should take 10 seconds to do, take 10 minutes?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, congratulations - you are a normal human being. (Or robot - for the robots reading this.) You don’t like to waste time, and you probably don’t like your software project management tool - the thing that’s supposed to help you work faster and smarter - to waste your time either.

So why are you still using Jira? Jira slows everyone down, leading to inefficiencies and decreased productivity. Here are 5 of these ways.

Jira’s project-first data model makes it difficult to easily collaborate and coordinate cross-teams.

Because all work is organized and tracked with projects in Jira, teams have difficulty accessing and sharing data, creating silos of information. This is not conducive to agile software development. It hinders cross-team collaboration and coordination, as teams don’t have visibility into work being done in other projects, causing miscommunication and delays in aligning work and priorities.

Jira’s overwhelming amount of information related to projects, tasks, and issues leads to a decrease in productivity. 

Jira’s overwhelming amount of information causes confusion and difficulty in prioritizing tasks - causing delays in completing work. It’s difficult to find relevant information, leading to wasted time searching for important details. When has feeling overwhelmed ever helped people work faster?

In Jira, tying documentation to work is difficult. 

Having to constantly context-switch to find docs in other tools like Confluence, Google Docs, Notion, and a bunch of others, slows everyone down. Jira’s lack of integration with other tools - particularly for documentation - can lead to data silos, requiring manual data entry or the use of multiple tools to manage a single project. It’s neither productive nor efficient to constantly be switching back and forth.

Jira’s UI & navigation in general makes it difficult to find things easily.

One of the biggest challenges with Jira is its overly-complex (and dated) user interface. This complexity can make it difficult for users to find the information they need quickly, leading to frustration and a loss of time. It’s especially confusing for new users, who will undoubtedly require additional training to understand how to navigate the system.

Jira is slow to load.

Jira is just so slow to respond. It’s frustrating to wait for information to load or for tasks to be completed. Not only does it directly decrease productivity and cause people to work inefficiently - it’s just downright annoying. 

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