6 Tricks That Are Actually Treats in Shortcut
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6 Tricks That Are Actually Treats in Shortcut

Erika Carter
Senior Creative Technical Writer
October 29, 2021

Why is it always “Trick or treat”? Can’t it sometimes be “Trick and treat”? Aren’t some tricks paradoxically treats, after all? We reached out to our users on social media this week to hear the top trending tricks for making Shortcut more delightful to use. Below are 7 tricks-turned-treats to try.

Trick #1: Color-Coded Teams & Cards

For your fun, easier, and more organized viewing pleasure, select the View Settings toggle to color code Story cards by Teams, Projects, or Story Type. Colors! Woo!

Trick #2: The Power Bar

Set your mouse aside and use the Power Bar to search, navigate, create, and use our most common and powerful features. With a simple keyboard command (Mac: Cmd + k, For PC: Ctrl + k), activate the Power Bar and feel the power. Check out the video below to see it in action!

Trick #3: Story Templates

Save time! Increase efficiency! Create Stories from pre-formatted templates. You can set and save elements of a Story for future use by your whole team by a Story’s title, type, description, tasks, Project, Epic, owners, labels, due date, or attachments. Once you’ve created a Template, you can load it into any new Story, add information, and then save as a new Story.

Trick #4: Recently Viewed

“I’m a fan of Recently Viewed,” writes one user. “It makes it super easy to find the Stories and Epics I'm jamming on!”

Trick #5: Remove Weekends

Who wants to work weekends? Define your organization's Working Days for more accurate reporting. By defining your Working Days, your team can better manage and predict future work with more useful data. We default Working Days to Monday through Friday, but if that isn't right for you, you can change it in settings.

Trick #6: The “n” Trick

Last but not least, the easiest trick of all. Typing “n” on any page will render the “Create Story” dialogue. Scary good. Try it!

Let us know more of your favorite tricks in our community forum. Or, if you’re not already a user, try us out for free and spend this Halloween weekend trick and treating.

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