A New Markdown Experience in Shortcut
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A New Markdown Experience in Shortcut

Dana Brown
Sr. Growth & Product Marketing Manager
April 23, 2024

Ever been frustrated when you're fine-tuning your markdown in a Story description and discover that the formatting isn't quite right? Or maybe you’ve pasted content that just doesn’t stick the way you expected? 

Say hello to the enhanced Story Dialog markdown experience, now with smarter formatting capabilities!

Now when you're writing content in a Story, you can enjoy streamlined markdown formatting that lets you collaborate more effectively right from the get-go. No more manually typing in markdown code (unless you choose to) or losing your formatting when pasting content.

Here's what's new:

⌨️ Efficient Keyboard Shortcuts
Speed up your writing with intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Commands like cmd+b / ctrl+b for bolding text are just the beginning—make your content stand out with less effort.

📋 Seamless Content Pasting
Paste pre-formatted text and watch as the markdown is automatically applied. Bold stays bold, and links are neatly formatted into markdown. Prefer the plain text? Simply hold the shift key to disable auto-formatting.

🎨 A Fresh Look for the Editor Toolbar
Experience our refreshed Editor toolbar, designed with a sleek new look and packed with one-click options for easy formatting. You can also continue to manually type in markdown formatting if you prefer.

🔗 Enhanced User Experience

Link insertion is cleaner with auto-applied placeholder text, while our 1-click table formatting feature allows for effortless table construction. It’s all about making your workflow as smooth as possible.

In-App Help for Markdown formatting

For quick markdown syntax help, access our Markdown Editor Cheat Sheet below the Story description.

Our latest updates are designed to ensure that your team can focus more on progress and less on process. Stay tuned, as we plan to extend these updates to Epics, comments, and Iteration descriptions so you can work smarter, faster and more cohesively.

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