Add (more) Joy to Shortcut!

Add (more) Joy to Shortcut!

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
December 15, 2021

Joy is in the DNA of Shortcut. Our team wants you to feel JOY in each interaction, to make work a bit more fun, and to help you and your team celebrate wins!

The goal of adding JOY to Shortcut has always been a mission of ours since the company was founded. During our last Hackathon, our team shipped a fun way to add (more) joy in Shortcut so you and your team can celebrate your wins and accomplishments in Shortcut. Here’s what’s new:

Epic Celebrations

A burst of confetti appears whenever you move an Epic State to a Done State.

Epic Celebrations in Shortcut

Milestone Celebration

A burst of confetti appears whenever your Milestone moves to a Done State.

Milestone Celebration in Shortcut

Some easter eggs to Add Joy

What’s more fun than an Easter egg hunt? Here are some hints as to where you can find these other hidden gems:

  • 😪 See what happens when you stay idle for a while…
  • 🎮 Take a peek at the footer for a fun game that will keep your memory sharp
  • ⚠️ See what happens when you reach a 404 Screen (hopefully something that doesn’t happen often!)

Quest: Spot Joy and win 🎁

It’s time to spot some Joy! Over the next few days, the first person to spot (and screenshot) the joyful celebration of the day could win a $150 gift certificate to treat your team to coffee and some exciting Shortcut swag.

Here’s how to play:

  • Each day we’ll announce a new quest via the Shortcut Community and Twitter
  • When you see a new celebration, take a screenshot and share that screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag #addjoy. Don’t forget to mention @useshortcut so we see it.

Today on 12/15/21, the quest is to spot an Epic Celebration! Be the first to send us a screenshot of your Epic Celebration with #addjoy.

A new quest will be announced tomorrow. There are three chances to win, so make sure you follow us on Twitter or in our Slack community for new details!

We’re going to continue adding more Joy to Shortcut - keep your eyes open for what’s next!

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