Announcing Shortcut for iOS

Announcing Shortcut for iOS

Eli Perkins
Mobile Engineer at Shortcut
February 15, 2018

One of the top requests of our customers for some time now has been a mobile app. As such, we’ve been hard at work building a great mobile app to fit your project management needs. Today we’re excited to announce that

🚀 Shortcut for iOS is now available on the App Store!!! 🚀

This app enables you to take Shortcut with you, so you can check status, update information, and capture new ideas on the go. Read on to learn more about the Shortcut for iOS experience.

View Your Workspaces

Track the progress of your Projects in their respective Workspaces in the Workspaces tab. See Stories in their respective workflow states, see who is assigned to the Stories, and take action from the familiar column-based view.

Get an overview of what Workflow

In Shortcut for iOS v1.0, Workspaces are read-only. You can change these filters from the web app and those changes will be reflected in the mobile app. The ability to edit a Workspace will be coming in a future version of the app.

View your Stories on Shortcut for iOS

Take Action on Your Stories

Stories are at the core of any project managed using Shortcut. Shortcut for iOS elevates the most important parts of a Story to let you take action from your iPhone or iPad. View and add comments, edit descriptions, move Stories between Projects and more using the Story view on the new Shortcut for iOS app.

See Your Assigned Work from the Dashboard

See what Stories you’re assigned to work on from the Dashboard. Great for giving status reports in standups, the Dashboard puts your Stories and Tasks front and center.

Stay Informed with the Activity Feed

See what people in your organization have been working on from the Activity Feed. Track what Stories have been started, finished, commented on and more using the Activity Feed on Shortcut for iOS. See all activity or filter to only activity where you have been mentioned.

Search for the Stories You Need

Can’t find a Story? The Search feature should help you locate just the one. Search helps you find just the Story you’re looking for and take action from wherever you are.

Download Shortcut for iOS on the App Store to stay up to date with your Projects, wherever you are.

We’ve talked about how we’ve been using React Native to build our iOS app in prior blog posts and some of the awesome things it has enabled us to do. We’ve been working on giving back to the community, submitting pull requests to some of the tools we’ve been using, as well as open sourcing our networking library.


We would love to hear your feedback and bug reports to make it even better. From the app, shake your device to send us feedback, or send us an email to

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