Take a walk on the dark side with Shortcut Dark Mode
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Take a walk on the dark side with Shortcut Dark Mode

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
August 7, 2019

"...tired " "...aggravated" "...strained" You and your eyes have likely felt some combination of these symptoms after a long day of staring at your computer screen. These are just a few of the frustrations that accompany one of our most highly requested features...Dark Mode.

Well, we have heard the cry from users suffering from digital eye strain and are thrilled to announce that we are releasing a new Dark Mode in Shortcut!

Goodbye, tired eyes!

We created a darker alternative to the normal mode in Shortcut to alleviate some of the pain that comes from staring at a computer or digital device for most of the day. We wanted to make the experience of switching from your text editors, IDE (integrated development environment), and terminals less jarring and disruptive.

With Shortcut Dark Mode the in-app experience will be lighter colored text displayed against a dark background. Once enabled, Dark Mode will persist across the platform. So, whether your creating a Story at 9AM or checking an update in Shortcut at 9PM, you can do it without feeling like you’re staring directly into the sun.

How we made Dark Mode possible

Making Dark Mode possible required a platform-wide refactoring change. Our co-founder, Andrew, created a tool that enabled him to programmatically reduce the number of colors in the Shortcut app from 449 colors to 52! Andrew will share a longer post on the refactoring process later this month.

Using Dark Mode

Enabling Dark Mode is as simple as switching the Dark Mode toggle on in Settings that lets you change the background color to black. Changing it back to Normal Mode is as simple as switching the toggle back off.

Only the beginning

Building Dark Mode is deeply rooted in one of Shortcut's core values, to “Bring people joy.” This philosophy drives our decision-making process, and it is why our team dedicates so much effort into designing joyful and pleasant experiences throughout the platform.

The next generation of changes will make it easier for you to use Shortcut in a way that fits the way you want to work. These changes will include the High Contrast mode, accessibility mode, customizable themes, and Dark Mode for our mobile apps.

Give your eyes a little break, take a walk on the dark side, and try out Shortcut in Dark Mode!

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