Error tracking with Sentry, Rollbar, and HoneyBadger

Error tracking with Sentry, Rollbar, and HoneyBadger

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March 21, 2018

All developers know that no matter how hard you try, website and app crashes can and will happen. For that reason, monitoring your systems is a must. No matter where the exception is thrown, the sooner you know, the sooner you can tackle it and fix the users’ experience. Tracking website and mobile errors now just got a little easier with our new integrations to Sentry and Honeybadger.

Read on the learn how you and your team can use these new tools to track and fix exceptions and get your app back in shape.

Using the Sentry Integration

Sentry is an open-source error tracking tool that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. With this integration, you and your team can easily connect Sentry crash reports to new and existing Shortcut Stories. Using a handy button in the Sentry exception menu, you can quickly make the link

The Shortcut button in Sentry

All you need to get started is an Admin level account in Sentry and a regular account in Shortcut. More details here in the Help Center.

Getting Started with the Rollbar Integration

Create a Shortcut Story from the Rollbar interface

Rollbar is a language-agnostic monitoring and deployment tracking tool. This robust integration leverages the Shortcut webhook and API to create a powerful two-way sync. Rollbar errors are also supported in the Shortcut External Ticket field on Story cards. Instructions on getting started and more info about the integration can be found in this Help Center article.

Using the Honeybadger Integration

Honeybadger is a tool for monitoring the health of your application. This new Shortcut integration means that HoneyBadger users can now create Stories and immediately link them to errors in that system. The Stories will include a link to the Honeybadger error in a Comment. Full details on setup are here.

A Shortcut Project set up in Honeybadger

Do you use Honeybadger, Rollbar, or Sentry? If so, we’d love to hear what you think after you check out the integration(s). Drop us tweet @Shortcut.

A special thanks to the team that came together to build out the open source Sentry integration — most especially Mike Fiedler !!

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