Organize and filter your team's work faster by assigning Groups to Iterations

Organize and filter your team's work faster by assigning Groups to Iterations

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
April 29, 2020

Earlier this year, we introduced the ability to create and @mention Groups to make collaboration in Shortcut even easier. Today we're expanding Groups so that you can assign them to Iterations, making organizing and filtering your team's work even faster and easier.

You may already be using Iterations to help plan and organize your sprints. If you have a larger team, many of these Iterations might be used by various teams or squads within a Workspace. With this new Group functionality, you can assign Iterations directly to Groups, allowing your team to organize and filter work by those specific teams and squads.

How does this work?

Assigning Groups to Iterations

As noted, Groups can now be assigned to Iterations. This new functionality will enable your organization to filter Iterations by Group so you can quickly zoom into the ones you care most about. This is a one-to-one relationship, so an Iteration can only be associated with a single Group.

Assign a Group to an Iteration

Note: You can also create a new Group using the Assign a Group drop-down.

Once a Group has been assigned to an Iteration, you can use the filter options on the Iterations Page to choose which Group's Iterations you'd like to view.

Filter Iterations by Group to zoom into the work you care about most.

Iteration housekeeping pro-tip: Use the State filter to sort Iterations by their current State. It's a great way to remove Completed Iterations from view.

Filter by State to see view Iteration Page by State.

See your Group's Iterations on the Stories Page

On the Stories Page, you can add a filter to view a Group's Iterations and Iteration Status. Head to Quick Filters and select Filter by Iteration > In Group... to zoom into all Iterations owned by a Group. This new functionality is a great way to see an Iteration in Kanban view.

Want to reference this view in the future? Save it as a Space!

Filter Stories Page by Iterations owned by a Group

Reporting for Groups

Filter your data by team or squad using the Iteration Group filter on the Reports page. Create views across Iterations for a specific Group to analyze a team's performance over time.

Filter Report Page by Iterations linked to Groups

Up next for Groups

Next up, we're building a stronger connection between Groups and Epics.

We'd love your feedback about how you're currently using Groups and how you wish you could be using them. For more information on how to set up and use Groups, visit our Help Center. Please reach out to us at, tweet us @clubhouse or join our Slack community if you have any feedback about Groups! We're here to help. And also to project manage. But mostly to help.

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