Introducing HelpHub: A smart and streamlined help experience
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Introducing HelpHub: A smart and streamlined help experience

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
June 27, 2023

Finding help and resources just got smarter and easier with HelpHub in Shortcut. Say goodbye to tab-switching and experience a faster way to get the help you need.

HelpHub brings relevant help content to you wherever you are in Shortcut. It's like having a helpful friend right by your side!

Not only does HelpHub save you time by providing contextual recommendations, but it also streamlines your experience. You can search for help articles without losing focus on your tasks. Plus, accessing educational resources, demo workspaces, and community links is a breeze!

With HelpHub, you'll breeze through tasks, troubleshoot effortlessly, and expand your knowledge with a touch of joy.

Big thanks to our friends at CommandBar for their help creating and launching this new experience!

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