Introducing Organizations & Workspaces

Introducing Organizations & Workspaces

Joey Shampain
Senior Product Manager
July 2, 2018

We’re making a big change to the way Shortcut accounts work that will help you build together even better: from today you’ll be able to add multiple Workspaces to your Organization, and switch between them much more easily.

As a part of this change we’re launching consolidated billing, which will help you lower your overall monthly spend by charging you only once for users that are a part of two or more separate Workspaces — a welcome improvement for large companies that will make collaborating with external and internal teams much easier.

You’re probably wondering why this is happening today — as we’ve grown and seen how you use Shortcut, it became clear that teams loved using their workflows both internally and externally but it wasn’t always easy to do so. We saw this as companies using Shortcut grew, and wanted to make sure that our tools are ready for working with others beyond just internal teams — we do it too.

This means changing the terminology we use in Shortcut to help make it easier to navigate, so here’s what you’ll start seeing across our product beginning today:

  1. Organizations are now Workspaces, so that you can better collaborate with your team and external stakeholders. You can now click the Shortcut robot icon in the upper left of your screen to switch between your Workspaces — or see all of the ones you’re a part of — without logging out. This is an important change, because you’ll now be able to create an ‘Organization’ that owns all of your Workspaces.
  2. Workspaces are now Spaces, which are where you’re already accustomed to getting work done, and still live on the Stories page.
  3. We’ve updated the Organizations dashboard, to give you a birds-eye view of all of the Organizations and Workspaces to have access to.
  4. We’ve added a new page to help you manage users across all of your Workspaces, user roles in each Workspace, and your Organization’s overall billable user count. Just click the ‘Manage Organization’ button on the Organizations dashboard.

That’s a lot to take in, so a quick example that might help:

If your company is called Flying Robots, that’s now your Organization, and within that you’ll be able to create Workspaces such as FlyingRobots Product and Marketing Team Tasks for splitting up your work.

If you work with an external agency called Robots LLC on design sprints, you can now join their Organization and switch between Workspaces using the same account to access both teams. This helps keep your Workspaces separate, and ensures you’re only billed once for those users.

What do I need to do?

If you’re a small organization, this likely won’t change the way you use Shortcut, but if you need to collaborate with external partners or other teams in the future you can be sure we’ll grow with you without the need for multiple logins.

For large teams this will likely reduce your monthly cost if you have people across multiple Workspaces for different clients or internal teams and are being billed twice for them. It will also make your billing easier to understand and will help you collaborate across different Organizations using Shortcut as you grow!

We’re excited about this change and how it will make your cross-team collaboration better, but it might take a few moments to get yourself reoriented so we’ve created a support document which will help clarify the changes we’re making.

With our new birds-eye view and the ability to work with multiple Organizations, we’re excited to help you use the workflow you love regardless of the project or team you’re working with, and think it will help you work even better as your team grows. For more information on getting started or to reach out for support, check out the Shortcut Help Center.

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