Keep Your Conversations Seamlessly Connected with Slack Thread Sync
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Keep Your Conversations Seamlessly Connected with Slack Thread Sync

Dana Brown
Head of Marketing
June 18, 2024

Keep Your Conversations Seamlessly Connected with Slack Thread Sync

Keeping track of ticketing documentation and conversations can often be challenging with conversations happening all over the place. How often have you seen a Story and fired off a quick Slack message about it? Before you know it, you’re having a deep side conversation, but when the team goes to pick up that work, they’re missing out on the important context that exists only in your Slack messages.

With the latest update to our Slack integration: Slack Thread Sync, this situation is a thing of the past. 🙌 

Now, every conversation you have in Slack can be effortlessly linked and synced with Shortcut Stories (and vice versa!), ensuring all your critical context and insights are where they need to be. No more missed details, no more scattered information - just smooth, synchronized communication across your team’s favorite tools.

How it Works

Link any Slack thread to a Shortcut Story via the message actions in Slack. 

  • Select link/unlink thread
  • Search for the Story you want to connect to
  • The existing comments in Slack will be copied over as comments in Shortcut with links back to Slack 🔄

You can remove the connection if you choose via the link/unlink message action in Slack, or via the parent comment in Shortcut.

In addition to Slack Thread Sync, the Shortcut <> Slack integration also lets you:

  • receive @-mention notifications as Slack DMs
  • unfurl Story details in Slack by posting the Shortcut Story link
  • create a Story from any Slack message using a Slack Action
  • broadcast Shortcut Story comments and Story updates from specific custom fields or Teams to designated Slack channels

Set-up and Start Using the Slack Integration Today

Stay tuned for more updates to the Shortcut <> Slack integration later this year. Contact your Shortcut Workspace Admin to re-authorize your Slack integration to access this latest update.

Detailed instructions about how to set-up and use the integration can be found in our Help Center article.

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