Meet The Team: Pavla Mikula, Customer Success Lead

Meet The Team: Pavla Mikula, Customer Success Lead

Pavla Mikula
Customer Experience Lead
April 4, 2017

About Pavla

I am one of the newest additions to the Shortcut team, I joined as Customer Success Lead earlier this year.

Originally from the California Bay Area, I moved to New York for graduate school in 2005 and have been working in various marketing and customer success roles ever since.

I began my career in the music industry, working in digital marketing as the Internet evolved into a content driven space. I had a big interest in how people use technology so eventually transitioned into running my own consulting business, where I advised startups on how to grow their communities and best support their customers.

I came across the news that Shortcut was looking for a Customer Success Lead in a great newsletter called WeSupport and the rest is history!

One of my favorite (and most beautiful) ways to spend my free time!

Non Tech Related Interests

When I’m not manning the Shortcut Zendesk or chatting with our customers, you can find me unwinding in yoga class or going on long runs around my Brooklyn neighborhood.

If the weather works out on the weekends, I like to make my way up a mountain with my husband Jake for either skiing or hiking, depending on the time of year.

The rest of my immediate family live in Portland, Oregon, where there’s no shortage of the outdoors. One thing that’s wonderful about Shortcut is that since half of our team works remotely, it makes it easy to visit my folks on the west coast without missing out on work.

Why Shortcut?

I love learning how different teams use Shortcut to collaborate.

The tool is flexible enough to suit almost any workflow, so chatting with customers about process always leads to interesting conversations full of insights and ideas.

One of the neatest things about working on Customer Success at Shortcut is how open our team is to customer feedback. There’s never an idea or suggestion that comes into our support channels that isn’t shared with our team.

Often times this kind of direct customer feedback is implemented right into the product, so it feels like every customer is a part of our team.

This open and kind collaboration is evident internally as well, so it makes troubleshooting even the toughest issue fun and rewarding.

Interested in being a part of the team? We’re hiring!

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