Embed your Miro boards in Shortcut stories, docs, epics, and more!
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Embed your Miro boards in Shortcut stories, docs, epics, and more!

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
May 23, 2023

We've integrated the power of Miro, a visual whiteboard tool, into Shortcut to supercharge collaboration and alignment across teams. Together, the two platforms create a powerhouse for every initiative, providing a space for ideation, and bringing structure and organization so that teams can see the full picture of work. 

With Shortcut and Miro, teams will be able to connect the ideation and planning in Miro with the work being done in Shortcut. A Miro board can be embedded anywhere in Shortcut, where you can leave a comment or descriptions in Shorcut. When users drop Miro links in Shorctut, users in the organization will be able to see previews and collaborate on Miro boards directly from Shortcut. No configuration needed to start using the integration! 

See it in action: 

What the Miro <> Shortcut Integration does...

Connect Miro into Shortcut with real-time previews of boards and enable your team to collaborate on a Miro board directly in Shortcut. Here's what users will be able to do: 

1. Drop links and get real-time previews of Miro boards in Shortcut on: 

  • Story descriptions
  • Story comments
  • Epic descriptions
  • Epic comments
  • Milestone descriptions
  • Iteration descriptions
  • Docs
  • Activity Feed

2. Update Miro boards from any preview link in Shortcut for seamless collaboration

Easily edit and update Miro boards directly from a preview in Shortcut.

Create and foster alignment across teams

Use Miro's product development templates collection, featuring templates for customer journey mapping, design sprints, prioritization, and more. Once you're ready to plan and scope work, boards can be dropped into Shortcut to provide context and alignment across all teams.  

Easily track work progress and collaborate in real-time

Shortcut's integration with Miro allows you to discuss, monitor, and update the current status of planned items during live stand-ups and sizing activities on a collaborative online whiteboard.

Provide added context to documentation

The Miro embed ensures everyone has the most up-to-date version and allows viewers to comment and leave feedback directly from Shortcut Docs. Embed visual documentation done in Miro, such as:

Maintain privacy and sharing permissions from Miro

Support for private and public sharing so the right people get the right access at the right time: Security is important to us, so we recognize the permissions set in Miro for board sharing, prompting login where applicable without blocking embeds. Prompts for sign in/up supported directly from Miro for a smooth experience to keep collaboration unblocked in Shortcut

Start streamlining workflows - no configuration needed!

The Miro integration work with no configuration so you can start streamline workflows and see the full picture of every initiative,  in one place.

We're excited to see how you all will use the Shortcut + Miro integration - get in touch if you have feedback or want to share how you're using the integration!

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