Find work faster with enhanced Navigational Search
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Find work faster with enhanced Navigational Search

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
April 10, 2019

We have some EPIC news (pun intended).

Now you can search across Epics and Comments in addition to Stories in Navigational Search, keep your flow going with the enhanced Search UI, and use new operators to refine search results. Read on and see how the latest Search enhancements will give you more visibility into your work with less effort.

Find work quickly with the ability to search across Stories and Epics

Now when you’re in the Story page you can pop over to the Navigational Search bar and search not only for Stories but also search for Epics! We’ve expanded the Search endpoints beyond Story Titles and Story Description endpoints to include:

  1. Epic Titles & Epic Descriptions
  2. Epic Comments & Story Comments

Save time when you're on the Stories Page with the ability to search for Epics without having to click into the Epics Page. See it in action:


Search for Epics from the Stories Page

Can't remember the name of the Epic or Story you were working on but remember a comment you made? Now you can search your conversations, see it in action:


Search your conversations!

Stay focused with streamlined Search results

When you search for a term you’ll notice results separated into two separate tabs, Stories and Epics. The organized view makes it easy to pick up the work you’re looking for.

To keep you working fast, if you've searched for something that only has Story results or only Epic results, your search will default automatically to that column. See this example when searching for Bugs.


Searching for Bugs

Added convenience with persistent Search results

Another update to the UI that'll keep you moving quickly is persistent Search results. We've all been in a situation where you're up against a deadline and you get click-happy when digging for work. You're moving too fast and end up selecting the wrong Story and have to re-run your search.

Now with persistent Search results, you can get as click-happy as you'd like. Perform a search and open a Story or an Epic. Your search results will stay in the menu in the background so you can come back and refine them if they're not quite right, open another Story or Epic tab, or use the carousel to move quickly between search results. See persistent Search in action:


Persistent Search results

Refine Search results with new Search Operators

We’ve also included some new Search Operators to refine results and easily hone in on the work you’re most interested in across Stories and Epics.

  • milestone: - Milestone Name or ID Finds Stories or Epics in that Milestone
  • has:story - Finds Epics with Stories
  • has:milestone - Find Epics or Stories that are associated with a Milestone
  • is:story - Returns only Stories in the results
  • is:epic - Returns only Epics in the results

A list of Shortcut search operators can be found here. These operators and endpoints are supported on the Navigational Search only, with search page support coming in the next update. Reminder - by default, all queries will use AND when combining multiple operators.

Here is an example of how you might search for work being completed in a Milestone using the new operator milestone:


View Epics and Stories in a particular Milestone

Here’s a great use case for how enhanced Navigational Search can help when you want to search for a Epic with a deadline:


Searching for and Epic with a deadline

Quick Tip: If you ever need a reminder of common Search Operators, click on the Search Operators carrot to reveal the list.

Common Search Operators at your fingertips

Surface work on the go

The updated Mobile search experience mimics the enhanced Navigational Search in the web app. Now, it is easier to find what you need whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or running to catch your bus. See the snappy mobile search experience in action:


Navigational Search on Shortcut for iOS

More information about the Navigational Search updates can be found here.

We hope these new Search enhancements save you time and make finding what matters the most to you in Shortcut faster and easier.

Happy Creating!

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