Organize your Workflow with Shortcut Spaces
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Organize your Workflow with Shortcut Spaces

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
January 15, 2019

One of our favorite features for staying organized in Shortcut and making sure our projects are delivered on time is Spaces. This feature is easy to create and an invaluable way to manage your own project workflow. Thanks to the flexibility of Spaces you can also get a cross-functional snapshot of what other teams are working on and highlight blockers - the possibilities are endless!

Here are four Spaces withing project workflow that keep the Shortcut team efficient and organized:

1. Identify Blockers

Spaces can be created from a combination of Projects, Epics, Workflow States and Keyword filters. The Shortcut team use the filtering capabilities to create a Space for Blocked Frontend Stories.


Using the “Is Blocked” filter helps us surface design and/or Backend work that needs to be completed before Frontend work can begin, which has come in handy at many squad check-ins.

2. Track Work in Progress

Building Spaces using Labels helps us to easily group thematic Stories across our Workflow and see them in one view. For example, the Shortcut Support team uses a “Documentation” Label to identify feature work that needs to be documented in our Help Center. They track progress of these Stories from a shared Space filtered against the “Documentation” Label.


Pro Tip: Some Shortcut customers use Spaces for sprint planning. They create a Label that represents the current sprint such as “Iteration Dec 15th” to help organize their Stories and Epics into one unified view using Spaces.

3. Lead and manage more effective meetings

People managers at Shortcut like to use Spaces to create a view of Stories and Epics the individual people on their team are working on. By utilizing the “OR” filter logic to create Spaces against Stories owned by several people, they can see the work in one view.


This Space has helped us to be more efficient during 1:1’s and team meetings. It’s also a great way for managers to monitor workloads to make sure their team isn’t overwhelmed.

4. Prioritize work with Spaces

Honing into a particular area in your project workflow can be simplified with Spaces to make it easier to prioritize work.

Product folks love this Space to make sure feature ideas or certain requests don’t slip through the cracks by hiding “Started” or “Done” Workflow States. This helps surface unprioritized Stories for easy planning and ensuring that nothing gets overlooked.


Pro Tip: Do more with your Spaces with the newly released CSV Export feature. With CSV Export you can export Spaces (as well as Projects, Labels and Epics) to develop custom reports, update stakeholders about progress, and other data analyses. If you want more information on how the exporter works head over to the Help Center.


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As you can see from this post there are lots of useful and creative ways to use Spaces. If you would like to learn more ways to use Spaces, check out the webinar. We’d love to hear how you are using Spaces - share by tweeting us @clubhouse.

Happy Creating!

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