Connect product strategy to execution with the new Productboard + Shortcut Integration
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Connect product strategy to execution with the new Productboard + Shortcut Integration

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
June 23, 2021

High-growth teams do their best work through collaboration. But, let’s not leave it there either: slow growth teams, medium growth teams, and all speeds in-between teams do their best work collaborating too. A company that considers itself product-led isn't truly letting their product lead if collaboration isn't easy, scalable, and happening across the org.

The issue here isn't that people don't want to collaborate; the issue is collaboration becomes increasingly difficult as your org scales, with more people and tools continually introduced to your process. This naturally adds more friction and barriers, meaning Product, Engineering, and Go To Market teams end up wasting time having to repeatedly communicate plans and progress to each other.

You can probably already see where this intro is going based on the title of this blog post: reducing friction and barriers to collaboration and building great products is why we're thrilled to announce the Shortcut integration with Productboard.

Productboard enables a customer-centric approach to product management with a tool that super-charges your product discovery and planning process. Now product teams can use this integration to connect their product planning in Productboard to all the tactical product development work happening in Shortcut.

An Overview of the Productboard + Shortcut Integration

With this integration, any software team can:

  • Automatically push a Productboard feature into a Shortcut Epic.  Just click on the “Shortcut” button to push that Feature over. This Epic will have the same title and description as the Productboard Feature.
  • Seamlessly sync development status from Shortcut back into Productboard. The status is updated automatically as your Epic progresses.
  • Use auto-generated links to quickly navigate from a Shortcut Epic to a Productboard feature. Clicking on the status button will take you directly to the Epic.

See it in action:

Use the right tools to optimize your development process

"As we grow, we need the right processes & tools in place to scale what we'd previously done empirically," says Antoine Guénard, CPO/CTO at Batch, a next-generation customer engagement platform that lets brands orchestrate mobile-first customer experiences at scale, in real-time. "this is why we use Productboard for product management and Shortcut for technical project management."

When there are ten people in your company, keeping them all on the same page is pretty simple. You can talk to them across the room or in a manageable Slack conversation or Zoom meeting. Start getting beyond the number of people who can fit around a big table at a restaurant, and the amount of information and activities people need to keep up with quickly grows beyond what can be easily conveyed through conversation. That's where connections between tools like Shortcut and Productboard step in.

"At Batch, we talk to prospects and customers daily; with Productboard, we ensure that all customer feedback is taken into account to determine which problems we should tackle and how." Antoine adds. "Shortcut takes over from here, playing a key role in helping us deliver innovation faster while keeping our quality standards high."


Bring the team together as you grow

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Jeff Stern
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Senior Product Manager, Tidelift
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Jeff adds, "As well as transparency to the rest of the organization, including customer success, around the progress for a given feature.”

Shortcut creates a single source of truth for progress on ongoing work. Not just in the form of details and descriptions of tasks, but in conversations on Stories, links out to supporting documents and files, and via integrations that connect outside conversations (Slack and Figma), direct work progress within VCS tools (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket), details from error and bug reports (Sentry, Rollbar, Bugsnag), and now to the full planning process (Productboard).

When you check what a colleague is working on, you don't just see the current task; you see why that task in the queue, the work that's going into it, the planning that created it. You have all the context you need at virtually any level, removing the need for unnecessary meetings and conversations.

Find alignment and tune the feature factory

Companies experiencing growth at any stage can struggle to keep the team aligned and on target. Everyone is working on something, but are all those something the most important things?

With Shortcut, Product and Engineering leadership knows what’s being worked on, the current status of progress and can zero in on any errors with unexpected blockers. Additionally, Productboard allows you to prioritize what to work on based on clear product objectives aligned with your strategy—no more wasted motion or effort, just a factory humming along and producing exactly what you need as you need it.

To learn more about the Productboard <> Shortcut integration, see our Integration listing and our help article.

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This integration will push towards a goal where up-to-date product specs are always shared to the technical team, and non-technical teams can follow progress on every roadmap item asynchronously.
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