Get visibility into blockers and work harmoniously as a team with Overlapping PRs
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Get visibility into blockers and work harmoniously as a team with Overlapping PRs

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
July 13, 2023

Ever been frustrated about merging a PR and only then noticing that there's a merge conflict? And then, only to realize that you and your teammate are working on the same files and causing duplicative or conflicting code that then needs to be cleaned up!

Not in Shortcut 💪

Enter...Overlapping PRs with the GitHub integration (GitLab to follow very soon!).

Now if you are working on a Story with a PR that overlaps with another PR, you'll be able to see it directly in a Story before you get to the merge stage so you can effectively collaborate with the right people to avoid frustrating merge conflicts.

Overlapping PRs!

This latest enhancement will help your team with:

  • Visibility into blockers
  • Communicate earlier and understand who on your team you have to talk to 
  • Get a clearer understanding of how work fits into a larger body of engineering work

Want to make sure you're getting the most out of our VCS integration? Check out this post in how to git the most out of the Shortcut VCS Integrations.

Overlapping PRs...part of a larger Insights vision

The Overlapping PR release is part of a larger initiative we have at Shortcut to move beyond simply providing charts and reports - we want to surface insights at the right moment to help you and your teams work smarter and more harmoniously.

💡 Stay on Track - support on-time delivery, anticipate blockers

⏱️ Actionable Moments - focus on insights that result in actions in the present moment

💛 Support Team Health - support sustainable work and what the team values

Insights features to expect next: 

  • Epic Health
  • Blockers and dependencies
  • Team Performance insights


Epic Health Preview

Please note that Overlapping PRs arei available to the Business and Enterprise Plans.

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