Shortcut Write will return as Shortcut Docs

Shortcut Write will return as Shortcut Docs

Kurt Schrader
CEO and Co-Founder
February 24, 2022

May 2022 Update: Shortcut Write will formally launch as Shortcut Docs

In 2019, we started a project called Shortcut Write to build a knowledge base and documentation tool that would be deeply integrated with Shortcut and that would serve as a single source of truth for what your Product team is working on. Our goal at the time was to build a tool that would facilitate better collaboration and to make it easier for software teams to align through all phases of the software development lifecycle.

During the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, we made the decision to pause development on Write in order to focus on our core product.

Fast forward two years to the present, we still see thousands of you who started using the beta version continuing to do so. As we restart development on the product we are renaming Write to Docs. Teams are still using Docs to document product plans, write down their goals for the year, hold engineering retros, and to record all of the things that Product, Engineering, and Design teams do every day.

Given all of that, I'm thrilled to share that during our February Release Event, we announced that Docs will be formally launching later this year! We are actively working on Docs now and aim to ship it as soon as possible. (We'll provide a more concrete timeline before our next release event in June.)

The Docs Vision

Align and collaborate

Shortcut Docs will allow teams to document, ideate, and collaborate on a single source of truth for everything that they're doing. When you embed an Epic, Iteration, or Story into a Doc, all the relevant information is easily accessible and collected right at your fingertips—no more wasting time searching for the relevant stories or asking for permission to access a document. Shortcut Docs aims to be everything you want in a documentation tool, with real-time collaboration, comments, @mentions, templates, and so much more.

Make communication more discoverable and actionable

Discoverability of content is a critical component of our vision for Shortcut Docs. We're taking on this challenge by creating an ecosystem where content is easily discoverable at the right time by the right people.

We're planning to deeply integrate not just with Shortcut, but also, over time, with other tools that you use every day to get your work done. You shouldn't need to go searching everywhere for the Figma file that your team is using to design a feature or the Miro doc that the original brainstorm for the Epic you're working on is found in. Docs will let you embed these docs (and more) so that everything can be found from one centralized place.

Important decisions that are captured in Stories and Epics will flow up into the Docs docs related to them. With Docs, it will be possible to add Docs into multiple Collections without needing to choose between folders. Collections can be used across the organization, eliminating the need to create duplicate folders with similar themes.

Connect the context to the work

Docs will seamlessly connect to the rest of Shortcut, giving your team documented context for ongoing work and making it easier to align and collaborate.

You’ll be able to list Stories and Epics connected to a Doc and see their status directly within that Doc. Our goal is to build something awesome so that you can document what you’re working on at a high level while still tying it back to all of your work-in-progress.

We're excited about what we've built with Docs so far and we're looking forward to getting it into the hands of many more of you soon!

Docs FAQs

When will Docs be available?

In 2022. We’ll provide updates at our Q2 release event.

Can I get on a waitlist or sign up today?  

Not at this time. We are working out details and will share an update on how to sign up as soon as it is ready.

What if I signed up to be on the waitlist back in 2020?

We still have your request and will reach out when we're ready to start adding new users.

How is eligibility determined for access?

We will provide an update at our Q2 release event when the specifics are finalized.

Will you charge for Shortcut Docs?

Pricing and access to Docs are still TBD, and we will share as soon as we have details.

If we are currently in the beta program, will we be charged for Docs?

We are still working out the details and will reach out to all our Beta users before making any changes.

We look forward to sharing more in the coming months. We'll add updates to the Docs Page to keep everyone updated.

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