A new Team-Focused Navigation for better focus, reduced noise, and more joy in Shortcut
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A new Team-Focused Navigation for better focus, reduced noise, and more joy in Shortcut

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
May 8, 2023

Joy is a part of our DNA at Shortcut, and it's how we approach our mission of bringing product, engineering, and design teams together. Our latest updates provide more ways for software teams to come together and actually enjoy working in Shortcut. Enter the new Team-Focused Navigation now allows users to view work that is relevant to a particular Team (e.g. Stories, Epics, Iterations, and Backlog).

What's New!

Customizable Team Navigation for better focus and reduced noise

Customize your Sidebar to work the way that makes the most sense for you in Shortcut. Add Teams and have that Team's Stories, Iterations, Backlog, Epics, and Status at your fingertips.

This update: 

  • Reduces clutter, so you can focus on just your Team's work
  • Onboards your new teammates more quickly
  • Makes it easy to get up and running with new Teams - not tied to historical configuration
  • Quickly allows context switching between Teams 

 Better Spaces experience for Teams

The Stories Page will now be automatically filtered to your Team-specific Workflows, Spaces, and last viewed Space.  

Access the Stories, Epics, and Iterations - filtered by team!

Decluttering the side navigation

Team Pages and Labels Pages are now in Settings to streamline the navigation experience.  

Team Pages and Labels Pages are now in Settings

A place just for you! 

Zoom in and out with ease

For those folks who manage multiple teams or collaborate with many teams the new navigation makes it  - easy ways to filter for your teams and jump in and out

  • Jump between teams
  • See across work
  • Zooming out to see your
  • Add all your teams to the navigation
  • All work- key views
  • Filter by just what your owns or by what your team is working on

Streamline your daily standup

There a couple of ways this new view can be useful for standups so you're viewing the Stories relevant to your team with less clicks.

  • Head to the desired Team's Stories to group by person
  • Team specific Iteration Page - and an added bonus the Iteration Builder will automatically populate you your team's Stories first

Managing your Backlog in a more focused way

The Backlog can help your engineers quickly understand which high-priority bugs to pick up without having to hunt around or filter to see what their squad needs to pick up.

How to get the most out of Teams in Shortcut

Teams in Shortcut are designed in a way that will set you up for success no matter your organization's structure. We understand there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to using Shortcut; that being said, we are sharing best practices around Team setup that the majority of orgs find the most useful - leading to the best organization and collaboration, and the ability to scale for success. Check out this great Training Hub article to get Team best practices:

  1. Teams Overview
  2. Team Size & Number of Teams
  3. Connecting Teams and Workflows
  4. Team Navigation
  5. Reporting on a Team
  6. Scale with Teams

Want more help? 

Check out this 20 minute webinar to get a step by step guide on how to set up and get the most out of the new Team Navigation.

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