Teams have been renamed to Story Workflows
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Teams have been renamed to Story Workflows

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
July 22, 2019

In anticipation of our upcoming improvements to make collaboration with groups of people in Shortcut easier, we've renamed Teams to Story Workflows!

Previously, Teams were groups of Projects that shared a common Workflow. We’ve just updated the word Team, and replaced it with a more descriptive name: Story Workflow.


Teams are now Story Workflows

You'll notice the update to Story Workflow in these areas:

  • Story Page
  • Iterations Story Panel
  • Create Project dialogue
  • Iteration Page Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Epic Page Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Status Page
  • Projects Page
  • Settings Page
  • Empty state Stories panel on Iterations Page
  • Shortcut for iOS

Nothing about the way the feature functions will change. Please note that the nomenclature update will only be reflected in the UI.

Also, the Teams API endpoint will not be renamed with this release, so your existing API integrations will continue to work. You do not need to make any changes.

Read more about Story Workflows in the Help Center and reach out to if you have any questions.

Happy creating!

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