You're invited to The Future of Shortcut and Product Collaboration
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You're invited to The Future of Shortcut and Product Collaboration

Richard Huffaker
Director of Creative Marketing
March 3, 2021

The Rumble in the Jungle. The final Beatles concert from the roof of the Apple building. The first Apollo moon landing. These were all great events, and we’d guess you weren’t able to attend any of them. That’s a shame, because taking part in a great event is significantly better than missing out on it. One of the many reasons you should join us on March 24th for our free Future of Shortcut and Product Collaboration virtual event.

Wait, did we really just compare a Shortcut event to the moon landing? Sure. While we’re at it, it feels fair to point out that a free event (seeing as it costs nothing) is significantly less expensive than a flight to the moon.

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What makes this such a must-attend online event?

We’ve put together an impressive lineup of expert speakers (and Shortcut customers) who’ll provide tons of best practice tips in these talks:

  • Best practices for big team collaboration by Shaun VanWeelden of Scale
  • How to bring technical and non-technical teams together  by Mansi Kothari of Maven
  • Make sound decisions with deeper reporting insights by Matt Shaeffer of Guru
  • Scale your team from early stage to exit by Charles Burgess of Perch Security

Additionally, our CEO and co-founder Kurt Schrader will deliver a keynote address and our Product team will be on hand to show off what we’re working on right now. And there’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of both us and our event speakers.

Invite your friends! Heck, why limit it to just friends? Invite your enemies, too, and you’ll all have such a fantastic time that you probably won’t be enemies anymore.

Join us on March 24th!

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