The latest in tech: #Cloudbleed, retrospectives, echo chambers, and more

The latest in tech: #Cloudbleed, retrospectives, echo chambers, and more

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February 24, 2017

We’re almost at the end of February, so it’s time for another roundup of the best news & resources from the tech industry!

The CloudFlare #CloudBleed leak is the big news item of the day. If you’re just getting caught up, here’s all the reading you need to get up to speed:

Retrospectives are an important part of every team’s process — this presentation covers retrospective styles you might not have heard of before, like gratitude retrospectives, with suggestions on when to use each style.

How Do Individual Contributors Get Stuck? A Primer

_Occasionally, you may be asked to give constructive feedback on your peers, perhaps as part of review season. If you…

For team leads who want to take their constructive feedback to the next level (and figure out why their team members are getting stuck), this list of specific reasons contributors get stuck can improve your processes.

Postmortem of database outage of January 31

_On January 31st 2017, we experienced a major service outage for one of our products, the online service The…

We all heard about the Gitlab database outage at the end of last month (you might have even caught the livestream of the fix!). This postmortem covers why it happened, what exactly happened (complete with timeline), and what was done to fix it in great detail — useful reading for any developer.

The startup echo chamber is making you deaf

_Being an entrepreneur is a lonely place, especially if you’re the founder/CEO. Sure, you may have co-founders, but the…

Last but not least, Josh Pigford of Baremetrics has a great reality check for anyone (from team lead to CEO) working in the startup world. (Having non-business related hobbies has certainly brought new insights to my marketing and writing processes!)

To wrap up with a non-work related piece, this list of simple ways you can cut plastic out of your life is useful (and timely, as Earth Day 2017 draws closer!).

Done with the reads and looking for something else to do before the end of your workday? If your team is looking for a tool to help you manage your software development workflow, check out Shortcut today!

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