The Twelve Days of Integrations: Slack

The Twelve Days of Integrations: Slack

Richard Huffaker
Director of Creative Marketing
December 12, 2020

It’s that time of year again, though it may not quite feel it. The leaves have taken their time falling from the trees, department stores are playing Michael Buble songs on a loop to almost entirely empty rooms, and I put a little hat on my cat because it makes not leaving the house feel slightly more festive.

To celebrate, Shortcut is highlighting twelve of our integrations with a detailed write up alongside their own little digital snow globes. We hope you return every day to enjoy these posts alongside your tinglers and fuzzles, your dafflers and wuzzles, and your delicious pot (or Beyond meat) roasts.

Our fourth featured integration is one every employee here spends all day using. Slack.

On the Fourth Day of Integrations Shortcut brings to you: Slack, the app that ensures the four calling birds of yore put their calls into a nice, concise text message.

In the old startup days, one person would walk right over to another person's desk and start talking like it was nothing. This was distracting. To stop this, we all began wearing headphones to look busy.

This left us with a big question: how can we poke another person with something that we consider important, but which they may or may not consider important, and also allow them to do the same thing to us?

Enter Slack, which completed the transition we'd all begun with AIM and continued with SMS and Messenger: don't talk to me with your voice, talk to me with your fingers, and please also do it from someplace else where you're not in my line of sight.

Thankfully, this prepared everyone in tech for remote work, where we continued to use the exact same method to speak with each other from another city or country as we did when we were just a few desks away.

Slack allows you to talk to anyone you work with, without being a bother. Can you imagine if someone could Zoom you out of the blue and force you to get on a video with them? That'd almost be as bad as having to answer a phone call.

The Shortcut integration with Slack empowers you to do a few big things that help you communicate faster and with less context switching.

What are those big things?

First, you can create Stories from messages that you receive in Slack, saving you from having to fire up Shortcut and create a Story from scratch.

Create a Story in Slack
The Create a Story shortcut within Slack

This is Slack action can be taken with any message, including one that you wrote.

Second, you can get quickly notified when any Shortcut Story that you own or follow is updated, as well as when someone @-messages you in a Shortcut conversation.

A Shortcut notification show in Slack
A Shortcut notification show within Slack

Third, you can link a Shortcut Project to a Slack channel. This channel will then receive notifications when updates and changes are made to Stories within that Project.

Connect a Project to a Slack channel
Associating a Project with a Slack channel

Watch this video to see the Slack integration in action:

Connect Shortcut with Slack and you'll be more effective (and less distracted) than ever before. Go here to see how to set up our Slack Integration.

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