Automate work and ramp up productivity with our new Zapier integration
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Automate work and ramp up productivity with our new Zapier integration

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
November 26, 2019

Our Zapier integration is now out of beta, so you can automatically create Stories from over 1000+ connected apps, such as Slack, Zendesk, Gmail, Twitter, Salesforce, and more.

The new version of the app makes it even easier to automate many of your repetitive and tedious tasks. Create a Zap to customize the Shortcut Story Name, Project, Description, Epic, and Story Type, to make getting Stories into your workflow faster.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Never lose great ideas with the Slack Zap

Use the Shortcut Slack Zap to create Stories across multiple Workspaces from Slack. Without leaving Slack, you will be able to create and customize a Story based on the following triggers:

  • A new message is posted to a specific channel
  • New starred message
  • Any new message posted to a public channel
Automate Story creation with these Slack triggers

Here are some ways to use the Shortcut and Slack Zap:

  • Automatically push reported bugs from a specific #escalations channel into Shortcut
  • Push a starred message from a #customer-feedback channel into Shortcut

Shortcut and Slack Zap Template

Automate feature requests using the Google Sheet Zap

When you're building software, feature requests can come from customers and your team, making it easy to miss or. Streamline the process by creating a Google Sheet Zap so that your team can go to one place to submit their requests, and fewer requests get lost!

The Google Sheet Zap triggers when there is a new row in a specific Worksheet of a selected Google Spreadsheet.

Setup the Shortcut Google Sheet Zap

The Google Sheet Zap can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Plan and brainstorm in a spreadsheet and when you're ready to start work, push ideas into Shortcut by adding them to a specific Sheet.
  • Makes it possible for an Observer to request or create Stories in Shortcut!

Shortcut and Google Sheets Zap Template

File bugs and triage requests using the Zendesk Zap

Your support team is triaging lots of different types of requests in Zendesk. Make it easy for your support team to create Stories in Shortcut with a Zendesk Zap. Keep in mind you must be a Zendesk Admin to set up this Zap.

The Zendesk Zap can be created on the following Triggers:

  • New Ticket is added to a view
  • New Group is created
  • New User is created
Setup the Shortcut Zandesk Zap

Here are some of our our team's favorite ways to the use the Zendesk Zap:

  • Create Bug Stories automatically using criteria in Zendesk
  • Push customer feedback into Shortcut based on specific triggers

Shortcut and Zendesk Zap Template

Send Shortcut activity via Zapier to other Apps

Outgoing webhooks can also be used to gather information from your Shortcut Workspace and integrate with external services. Once configured, events in Shortcut will fire to the URL(s) of your choice and can be used to create applications for various purposes, such as notifications and reporting. Read this Help Center guide to learn how to use Shortcut Webhooks to send events to a Zapier URL, which will allow you to use said events to connect to any of the 1,500+ Zapier apps.

For more Zap templates, head over to the Shortcut Zapier integration page. For more information on how to set up your integration, check out the Help Center Article.

Have ideas for more Zap templates or use cases? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Creating!

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