Our Q4 Roadmap for the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021

Our Q4 Roadmap for the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
December 3, 2020

Hey Shortcut, what are you working on in Q4 2020 and early 2021?

Thanks for asking! This blog post will tell you all about our plans for the next few months.

Wait. Isn't this post a little late for Q4?

The answer to that question is that it's never a bad time to talk about what we're working on. And also, our engineering and product quarters don't line up with traditional yearly business quarters. Instead of starting on October 1st, our Q4 began in mid-November. Keeps us on our toes.

Our goals this quarter are to help you and your team do a number of different things:

Measure performance so you can make more data driven decisions with:

  1. Time Spent in Workflow Chart
  2. Created vs Completed Chart
  3. Google Sheets Integration

Monitor progress and communicate it to stakeholders with:

  1. Roadmap release (this feature was formerly called Timeline)
  2. Roadmap additions and enhancements

Represent and organize your teams in Shortcut with:

  1. Groups private beta
  2. Groups renamed to Teams because you probably don't know anyone who works on the Backend Engineering "Group"

Deliver innovative features quickly to your customers via us delivering innovative features quickly to you with:

  1. Clubouse Labs

Experiment with our latest and greatest features before they're available to everyone with Shortcut Labs

We released Shortcut Labs just a couple of short weeks ago! Labs provides anyone with a Standard Plan (or higher) early access to new Shortcut features before they're broadly released. These features are ready to use, but are also still in development. This means your feedback can and will help shape what they become (or don't become).

Read more about Shortcut Labs here.

But enough about the recent past. Here's all the individual features we're launching:

Visualize and communicate planned work to leadership and stakeholders with Roadmap

Status: Released in Shortcut Labs

Currently, with Roadmap, you can visualize and communicate planned work to leadership and stakeholders while also getting a clear look at how work is progressing across the entire org. You can:

  • Display multiple Epics together on a timeline for a tidy view of what's happening across the organization
  • Track, prioritize, and adjust work directly in the Roadmap

More Roadmap features are coming in the beginning of 2021. Like these:

  • See Milestones alongside Epics
  • Customize views with filters for Quarter, Projects, Teams (currently Groups), Milestones, Epic States, and Labels
  • Show off public roadmaps in Presentation mode to make sharing even easier
  • Export the Roadmap to add it to external documents or print it out to use as beautiful decor for your living room

Read more about Roadmap here.

Connect Shortcut to Google Sheets for custom reporting and analysis

Status: Released in Shortcut Labs

Turn Shortcut data into spreadsheets to create powerful reports in Google Sheets or in your preferred BI Tool. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Shortcut Workspace dynamically update to the connected Google Sheet.

Learn more about the Google Sheets integration how to use it here.

Measure performance and get insights that'll help you make data-driven decisions

Status: Coming to Shortcut Labs in December 2020

Time Spent in Workflow State: Visualize and identify patterns over time of ongoing bottlenecks in your workflows so you can improve processes, capacity planning, and hiring.

Created vs Completed:Track the ratio of stories being created to stories being completed. Track bug volume, determine if incoming work is keeping pace with completed work, and more.

Expanded report date ranges so you can do more with your data

We're adding the ability to pull reports for date ranges that go beyond 100 days. You can now go all the way back to the Big Bang or to January of 2016, whichever comes first.

Organize, view, and report on product development efforts by Team

Status: Private beta

  • Associate Teams to Stories, Epics, Milestones, and Iterations
  • View, filter, search, and organize work by Team associations
  • Get notifications when work is assigned to Teams
  • View Team Overview Page that aggregates all work
  • Rename of Groups to Teams

Q4 projects we're researching

What we're looking to potentially build next in Q4:

  • Permissioning: Detailed control over what members of your Org can see and do within Shortcut
  • Custom Fields: Custom Story and Epic fields that enable Shortcut to better reflect the way your organization set up works and collaborates
  • WIP Limits: Set a limit on works-in-progress (WIP) to control the maximum amount of work that can exist in each status of a workflow
  • Subtasks: Create subtasks of tasks within a Story that can be assigned and tracked individually
  • Search enhancements: Improve searching and filtering of data
  • Reporting enhancements: We'll be continually making additions to our reporting capabilities. Please share any reporting enhancements you'd like to see, as well as the questions you'd like to be able to answer with our reports and charts.

To share your opinions about any of the projects above, get in touch with our product team and tell them all about it! Schedule time with them here:


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