Shortcut is updating our plans and pricing

Shortcut is updating our plans and pricing

Kurt Schrader
CEO and Co-Founder
June 14, 2021

Since launching Shortcut in 2014 (we were known as Clubhouse at the time), we’ve been focused on delivering a high-quality product that enables software teams to collaborate and do their best work. Since then, we’ve greatly expanded the features we offer, shipped numerous enhancements of those features, and introduced a Free Plan to support thousands of smaller development teams.

Today we’re rolling out pricing and plan changes to better align Shortcut to the needs of a wider range of software teams and how they get work done. Our goal here is to ensure we offer plans that work for all the different types of organizations that use our product as they grow and scale, while we continue to grow and scale ourselves. We have a big vision for Shortcut, and these changes will enable us to accelerate our roadmap while maintaining our high standards of quality.

As these changes roll out, we are committed to helping customers with discounts and resources to help you determine which plan is best for your organization.

What you need to know:

Shortcut is phasing out our Standard Plan:

  • Existing Standard Plan customers have been moved to what we call the Legacy Standard Plan. The Legacy Standard Plan isn’t equivalent to any of our new plans, but was instead designed to give current Standard Plan customers a way to keep access to their features and old pricing.
  • Our Free Plan will continue to be available to teams with ten or fewer users. This plan gives small teams access to features they (or you as it may be) to build and ship software efficiently, at no cost.
  • Any customers who were on the Free Plan as of or before June 14th can get a transition discount of 25% off when upgrading to the Team and Business Plans. Your organization’s account owner will receive an email with a coupon to use for an upgrade.

Our new plans come in four varieties:

Note that the Enterprise Plan did not change from before. If you’re already an Enterprise customer you’ll remain so without any action from your side.

Why are we changing plans and pricing?

Over the last few years, we've invested in new features and added lots of functionality to Shortcut without increasing our pricing or updating our plans. Through conversations with thousands of customers, one clear theme emerged: one size does not fit all.

These new plans are mapped to different types of organizations and their processes. If you don’t need every feature, we don’t want you to pay the same amount as someone who does.

Additionally, as we add more functionality to the product, introducing two new plans allows us to tailor this functionality to the way different teams and orgs work. These changes also enable Shortcut to invest more to meet the growing needs of all our customers.

  • The Free Plan includes a majority of the features in our Team Plan and all the features a small team needs to build great software.
  • The Team Plan is an excellent option for customers with multiple teams or squads who need to execute efficiently and collaboratively.
  • For customers that require better visibility across the entire organization, the Business Plan is a better-suited offering to help them plan, execute, and measure their work.
  • For customers with large teams with advanced processes that need a fast and easy way to scale, the Enterprise Plan will continue to serve their needs well.

One thing that won't change is our steadfast commitment to usability, performance, and enabling our customers to collaborate effectively and ship quality software.

Want to learn more about each plan and what the best fit is for you? Check out our How to choose the right Shortcut Plan for your team guide.

What functionality is being introduced with the new plans?

There are a few features that are graduating out of Shortcut Labs and into our new plans:

Roadmap: Visualize and share progress and updates to your entire company and out to the team.

  • Team Plan: Roadmap displaying Epics
  • Business and Enterprise: Roadmap displaying both Milestones & Epics:

Advanced Reporting: Providing the insights you need to make data-driven decisions

  • Expanded Date Range Filter: Business and Enterprise
  • Created vs. Completed Charts: Business and Enterprise
  • Time Spent In Workflow State Chart: Business and Enterprise

See a comprehensive breakdown of the features included with each plan on our Pricing Page.

More information

You can find more information in the Customer FAQs or chat with the Shortcut sales team.

Thank you to all our customers for your business and for providing critical feedback that helped us build Shortcut into the product it is today. We will continue to invest in you and our product, and we encourage you to provide our team with feedback about these changes.

To get questions and feedback quickly addressed, visit the #product-and-feature-updates channel in our Shortcut Slack Community, which is actively monitored by Shortcut team members who were involved with this change.

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