Update on the Shortcut Write private beta and what's next

Update on the Shortcut Write private beta and what's next

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
January 29, 2020

Since launching the Write private beta in September 2019, we've been humbled by the overwhelming response. To date we have had over 2,200+ requests to join the beta and enabled over 130 organizations.

We want to share some updates on the current status of the private beta, eligibility, new features, and preview the roadmap for the next quarter. Read on and we'd love to hear if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments below.

Commonly asked questions about Shortcut Write

What's the status of the Write private beta?

As of today, we are announcing that the private beta is currently at capacity. We'll continue to slowly work through the submissions we've already received. If you're interested in getting updated when Write is in General Availability, please let us know you're interested here.

How has eligibility been determined for the private beta?

During the private beta phase, only Standard and Enterprise Plan users have been eligible once they complete the survey. This may change when we are in GA and we will be sure to update everyone who has expressed interest though the Shortcut Write page.

How does the pricing for Shortcut Write private beta work?

We are not charging organizations participating in the Shortcut Write private beta.

Will you charge for Shortcut Write?

Yes, we plan on charging for Write in the future. We will not charge until it's ready and we are confident the product adds value (measured by user engagement). The timing for this is still TBD and we will be sure to share that information as soon as we are ready.

Newly released features available in the Write private beta

Build <> Write: Epic<>Doc relationships

We now have two-way linking between Docs and Epics. See what Epics and other Docs are related to your opened Docs through a new Relationship Panel. Linked Stories in the Doc will also appear in the Relationship Panel.

See related Docs and Epics in new Relationship Panel
Link a Doc to an Epic

Or create a Doc from within an Epic to automatically create the relationship between the two objects.

Create a Doc from an Epic.

Keep an eye out for similar relationship functionality between Stories <> Docs, Iterations <> Docs, and Milestones <> Docs all coming soon!

Shortcut Write Dark Mode!

If you have Dark Mode enabled in Shortcut Build, you'll automatically experience Shortcut Write in Dark Mode without having to re-enable!

Dark Mode for Shortcut Write

Image resizing in Docs

Easily resize an image in your Docs using the corner handles.

Resize an image in Docs

Code blocks

Easily add code blocks in your preferred language to your Docs.

Code block in Docs

To-do Lists

Use this feature to create to-do lists for QA processes, retro items, action items, and more.

To-do List in Docs

Horizontal Lines (HRs)

Use HRs in Docs to separate sections of text and add visual appeal to your documents.

Horizontal Lines in Docs

Figma and Write Integration

The integration enables live preview embeds of your public Figma files. Now

Figma live preview embed in a Doc

Copy and Paste from Google Docs

When you copy and paste content from a Google Doc into a Write Doc, it will automatically format correctly in the Write Doc.

Upcoming Roadmap

Our focus for the next few months is to continue to build features that make Write more useful and enjoyable to use.

  • General Availability: The next big Write milestone is working toward making Write available for all Standard and Enterprise customers. Our focus moving into this phase is ensuring Write is stable and reliable as we scale.
  • Build <> Write Relationships: We've received really great feedback so far about our newly released Epics <> Docs feature and want to bring that same powerful functionality to the rest of Build by adding in Story <> Doc, Iteration <> Doc, and Milestone <> Doc relationships.
  • Discoverability: Our beta teams are creating lots of Docs!  We'll be adding new features to help users better organize and discover their content.
  • Version History: Sometimes you just want to go back and start over with a previous version.
  • Improvements to Existing Features: Improving table functionality, ability to resolve comments, ability to go back to a version in time, and more!

Thanks for the interest, support, and patience since we launched Write in private beta. Your feedback is incredibly important to us as we create a better way for software teams to ideate, document, and collaborate together.

If you're not a part of the Write private beta but want to get regular updates, please sign up on the page. If you have any feedback leave a comment below or reach out to support@clubhouse.io, tweet us @clubhouse, or join our Slack community.

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