Express yourself with Emoji Reactions!

Express yourself with Emoji Reactions!

Tiffany Go
Head of Product Marketing
February 26, 2019

Have you ever wanted to respond quickly to a Story comment in Shortcut or show that you have reviewed something, without needing to type a reply?

We can totally relate 🙌 !

This is why we are ❗😄❗ to introduce 🥁 Emoji Reactions in Shortcut🎉!

With Emoji Reactions, you can now react to any Story comment with an emoji. To add a reaction to a comment, just click the emoji icon above the comment and select an emoji. Or, click an emoji that has already been added to reinforce the feels.

In addition to using emoji reactions to react to comments, folks can use emojis to acknowledge they have read a comment or to acknowledge they're taking a look at something 👁‍🗨, confirm they understand feedback 👍 , or however else the team uses emojis to communicate.

👀 it in action in the Web App:


Emoji Reactions in the Shortcut Web App

👀 it in action in Shortcut for iOS


Emoji Reactions in the Shortcut iOS App

Making it possible for you to use Emoji Reactions in Shortcut makes our 💖😄 because it reaffirms our commitment to bringing 🍾and 🎊 to software development.

We hope you 🤓 out and have lots of 😜🙃 with Emoji Reactions and it brings you and your team lots of 🤗 !

Happy Creating!

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